About me

Hi there, I'm Nick Mulder, a young creative entrepreneur with an insatiable passion for visual storytelling.
It all started back when I was just 16 and stumbled upon Photoshop in my high school classroom. From that moment, I was hooked. I dove headfirst into learning everything I could about image manipulation, devouring YouTube tutorials and teaching myself the ropes.
What began as a fascination quickly turned into a calling. I found myself behind the lens, capturing the essence of world-class artists and personalities. From Burna Boy to Ayra Starr, Central Cee to Virgil van Dijk, and even De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, I've had the incredible opportunity to work with some truly inspiring individuals.
As my skills grew, so did my services. Today, I offer a range of creative solutions including videography, photography, and motion design.
Join me on this journey as I continue to explore the boundless possibilities of visual storytelling. Let's connect!